Cream Glue DIY

Pop craft studio presents its exclusive service to let you customize your DIY products. While doing art and craft, adhesive substance plays a significant role in adhering vibrant fragments with each other. To make your work smooth and free of mess, we guide our customers with amazing techniques that allow them to make perfect glue.

Try your hand at DIY with cream glue? It’s a fun and easy way to customize your belongings and create unique gifts for your loved ones. Get your hands on some cream glue today and start creating! This crafting activity is open to kids, teenagers and adults.
Expected hour for each session: 2 hours.
  • Phone Case: $38* ($33 bring your own case)
  • Picture Frame: $26-$30*
  • Makeup Box: $38-$48*
  • Mirror: $26-$38*
  • Desktop Lamp: $25-$60*
  • Pen Holder/Pencil Box: $24-26*
  • Desktop Storage Box with Drawer: $27-38*
*Phone case  – Please specify your phone model when booking. Note that we may not guarantee availability of requested phone cases for bookings made within 3 days of your appointment. You’ll receive an email if we’re unable to obtain your requested case.
*All prices may subject to change
Studio Fee:
  • Adult $12
  • Child (13 or under): $8

Reschedule and Deposit Refund Policy

  • Requests to cancel made 4 days prior to the session will receive a 100% refund.
  • Requests to reschedule prior to the session can do so at no additional cost.
  • No show for classes or appointments may be considered a cancellation and may result in forfeit of the deposit.


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