Uptown Studio



Our excellent art of tufting adds elegance, grace, and charisma to any spaces via our classical techniques. From decorating your home to enhancing the beauty of your office space, our skilled artisans create flawlessly crafted tufted pieces to help you shine with unique style.

Cream Glue

Pop craft studio presents its exclusive service to let you customize your DIY products. While doing art and craft, adhesive substance plays a significant role in adhering vibrant fragments with each other. To make your work smooth and free of mess, we guide our customers with amazing techniques that allow them to make perfect glue.

Fluid Art Paint DIY

If you’re looking for fun art classes in Chicago that require no art experience, join our fluid art class where you will get to experience the fun and soothing process of paint pouring. You will be provided with up to 3 colors of acrylic fluid paints to play with and create a unique fluid art piece. So, grab your brushes, pour your heart out, and let your creativity run wild with our Fluid Art Paint DIY workshop.

Coming Soon

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